Alex Tseli is a computer scientist and IT architect born in Moscow, Russia. He studied and worked in various Western European countries and has a passion for technology, algorithms and logical problems. This is balanced by his love for foreign languages (he speaks English, German, Russian and a little bit French), psychology and photography.

Based in Switzerland since 2007 he has visited over 50 countries and shares his passion for travel and photography with his audience on various social platforms. While not abroad and not working he is leading workshops at Swiss Photo Club and enjoys hiking in the Alps with his wife hunting the magic moments the nature shows us.

Alex is an all-rounder photographer and his works span from natural landscapes and street photography to astro- and drone photography as well as private sensual portraits and artistic nudes. Lately he has focused on artistic landscape photography and developed the style characterized with rich colours and striking compositions. 

For any kind of collaboration, including prints, workshops or any projects feel free to ping me  on

email : alex (at) alextseli.com or Instagram @alex_tseli DM :)