Instagram Coaching - On Demand

Instagram Coaching - On Demand


Want to learn more about Instagram, how to grow and engage your audience as a photographer? Book my personal Instagram coaching - we will define the date together and either meet in person somewhere in Zurich or do a Skype call. During 2 hours we can discuss following topics (unless you have specific asks!):

About Instagram as a key modern platform to share images, finding images and places, similar-minded people, learning and improving your photography with samples from personal experience

Key concepts and success factors to show your work to the widest possible audience – definitions and non-official usage: likes, followers, proper usage of hashtags, ways to get featured, top posts, ads, promotions, stories, shout outs, etiquette, DM groups.

Strategies to build your Instagram profile: goals for your account (commercial vs creative), content niche (landscapes, travel, portraits etc) and why some photos are loved more than others, feed gamma and tone, split profiles, posting schedule. Sample reviews of various accounts or posts.

Tools to track engagement and algorithm updates

Before we start our session make sure you have thought about the following topics:

1. What are your key goals and audience expectations?

2. Have you already planned for engaging offers, bio, description of your profile and visual style?

3. What have you already done?

4. How do you plan to generate content for Instagram?

5. Who are your partners?

6. Who are your influencers you want to reach?

Date and Time: At your convenience

Duration: 2h

Language: English, German or Russian

Led by: Alex Tseli

Fine Print: See our Terms and Conditions if you want to see legal stuff.

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